Top 10 Paraphrasing Tips

Paraphrasing is about rewording of written or spoken content and it needed skills to make a good output. There are many ways on how to paraphrase correctly and when you know it, you no longer need to worry thinking about what you need to do.

If you are looking for best paraphrasing tips, here is what you need. Check it out now!

Tips for Paraphrasing

  • Highlight or underline the key words in the text and find synonyms with it. You need to use another or different words in paraphrasing so that your paper will be original and unique. In finding synonyms, relying with dictionary is necessary.
  • In some cases, you need to change the words of the text but there are instances that it is hard to change the words but there is a good way in which you can do it and that is by changing the part of speech of the word. For instance, if the word is “decline, “you can make it as “to decline”.
  • If you are ready, you can begin to start rewriting your notes. Make sure that you avoid using the exact grammar structure of the text because you can avoid plagiarism.
  • Guess and check out the meaning of unfamiliar words that you don’t know. You can rely with thesaurus or dictionary to give you an idea what is the meaning of that word/s.
  • One of the tips on paraphrasing you should remember is to read closely the text to get the meaning. This is essential so that you understand the text.
  • Think about what the text is trying is to say.
  • Highlight or underline the sentences that you understand so that you will know what you need to consider when you read again the text.
  • Making an outline or taking notes is essential but be sure to do it using different words.
  • Read for general understanding of the source
  • Editing and proofreading is necessary before you submit your work.

There you go the best tips you need to do when you paraphrase. Be sure to follow it and done it correctly so that you impress your readers. For proper rewording you can use the best paraphrasing tool.

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