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Why Do You Need a Quality English Paraphrasing Tool?

Being good at paraphrasing is important for all forms of writing as you will want to use other researchers’ and writers’ ideas within your work. You will not always want to directly quote what another writer has said however, you will want to paraphrase what they have written. This is repeating the meaning of what has been written with your own very unique words.

This is usually done so that what you write better suits the style of your paper and your audience as well as avoiding plagiarism. Plagiarism is using other writers’ words and ideas and passing them off as your own. Even if you rewrite other authors work you should still cite them as the originator of the original ideas. But paraphrasing for many is a tough task and they make many mistakes which are why they will want to find an English paraphrasing tool. And that is why our paraphrase helper is the best option.

Can the Best Paraphrasing Tool Online Help You?

Many people will turn to use paraphrasing tools online to attempt to paraphrase but is this really the best paraphrasing tool to use. Consider this specific sentence and how it is rewritten by an English paraphrasing tool:

The original text

“Never copy other authors’ writing without ensuring that you carefully cite the origins of the writing and give them the credit that they deserve. Failure to provide references for other writers’ works is a serious problem and can cause you to lose your place on your course.”

How the best paraphrasing tool online will rewrite the text.

“Never duplicate other writers’ composition without guaranteeing that you precisely refer to the beginnings of the written work and give them the credit that they merit. Inability to give references to other authors’ works is a difficult issue and can make you lose your spot on your course.”

While all of the words have been changed in the above sentence and nothing is repeated this is still clearly plagiarism. The reason is that you have still copied the original order and structure of the original writing and just changed words for synonyms. Also, some of the synonyms are used out of context and convey the wrong meaning such as changing “origins” which in the first sentence refers to the “source” of the writing but has been changed to “beginnings” which is incorrect. It is a synonym for the original word but not within this specific context.

We Can Help You where an English Paraphrasing Tool Can’t

Only a real person can provide help with paraphrasing, not an online English paraphrasing tool. Paraphrasing is about communicating the original idea with your own words. This will usually lead to writing that is structured completely differently to the original as well as using different words.

Our paraphrasing service will provide you with:

  • Rewriters that are highly experienced and higher degree qualified
  • Writing that is free of plagiarism: every paper is fully checked for any form of copying
  • Proofread work that is free of errors
  • Work that is well written, flows well and targeted to your audience
  • Delivered on time every time
  • Covered by our money back guarantee

If you try our English paraphrasing tool online now you will be back to us for sure!