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Why Would You Need a Paraphrase Tool Free Online?

Many people use paraphrasing to avoid any issues with plagiarism or the act of copying other authors words and ideas. By rewriting you can make the words your own however you should still attribute the original ideas behind the original to the author that came up with them. Paraphrasing is basically repeating what someone else has said in completely your own words. Something that for some can be very difficult as they end up repeating many of the phrases that they have read or heard verbatim. Yet copying others work and being accused of plagiarism can be very damaging. This is why many will look to use a paraphrase tool free online.

Famous People That Have Fallen Foul of Plagiarism

The following are some well-known people that could have made use of our paraphrase tool free online or a paraphrasing machine to avoid embarrassment and damage to their career:

  • Joe Biden presidential candidate: he used lines and ideas from speeches previously made by Neil Kinnock in the UK, Robert Kennedy and many more and tried to pass off the speeches and anecdotes as all being his own – until he was found out.
  • Timothy Goeglein: attributed with building the campaign that got George W. Bush re-elected he had to resign at it was discovered that the newspaper column that he wrote for a local daily was copied from other sources on no less than 20 occasions.
  • Alex Haley: The highly successful author of “Roots” was found to have lifted many of the characters and happenings from two other books. Despite this, he managed to ward off the problems by paying off at least one of his accusers.
  • Vaughn Ward a Republican candidate: ruined his political career by stealing his speeches from of all people Barack Obama.
  • Jane Goodall the primatologist: her book “Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and wonder from the world of plants” was found to have been copied from a host of websites including Wikipedia.

Avoid Plagiarism With Our Paraphrase Tool Free Online

Many people will ask us to “paraphrase for me free” or they will seek out a free paraphrase tool online. Many of these software packages exist and can quickly reword text. However, they are not a real substitute for a rewriting expert who can paraphrase your text for you perfectly. The software will not choose the right words as it just cannot read and understand the context within which words are being used. This is why any paraphrase tool free online is not going to be a match for one of our experts.

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We Guarantee Our Paraphrasing Online

If you want a 100% original and error free paper then you need to use our experts for your paraphrasing. We use only the very highest qualified and very experienced rewriters for our service and all have perfect English language skills to ensure that they produce the very best paraphrasing. To ensure the best possible services for paraphrasing we provide you with:

  • A free plagiarism report to confirm your writing is unique
  • Free proofreading to a high standard
  • On time delivery for all rewriting
  • A full money back guarantee

If you want completely original and error-free paraphrasing that you can trust contact our experts rather than using a paraphrase tool free online. Save your time with our online paraphrase tool!