Paraphrase Paragraph

paraphrase paragraph with usParaphrasing a paragraph is about writing the ideas of the original source into a new one by using different words. It is important to change the words of the paragraph at the same time not changing its original meaning.

Tips on How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

  • To paraphrase text online, it is essential to change the vocabulary and the sentence structure of the paragraph. Make sure it is not similar to the original source or else it will be plagiarism. Changing the words and the structure of the paragraph are the important elements in paraphrasing.
  • In paraphrasing a paragraph, you need to get the main concepts and ideas of the paragraph. With this, you need to thoroughly read the paragraph and get the keywords and main points.
  • Put away the original text and start in writing your paraphrase. Doing this helps you to avoid copying the original words of the paragraph. Putting away the source allows you to rephrase it with your own words as long as you understand the text.
  • Check the original version with your own version. See if there are similarities and if there is, better to revise it again. It is important that the original version and your version are different from one another but using different words.
  • You also need to keep in mind about the tone of the paragraph. The paraphrased text must sound like you and not sound like the author. You need to make it personal.
  • Reading the paragraph, many times are required to have a full understanding. If you do not understand the text, you will just end up copying the original source.

Highlight or circle the specialized words are needed. Getting important words are important because you will include them is your paragraph. If you do not have the specialized words in your text, you will absolutely change its meaning completely.

When you know what you will do in paraphrasing online, you will not make any mistakes. You can also avoid plagiarism. If this is your first time to paraphrase, the tips above will be your best solution to know what you are doing. Start to learn and take notes about the tips for you to enhance your skills.

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