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Do You Need to Use Paraphrase Tools?

Whether you are writing from scratch or paraphrasing what another writer has written you can end up falling into a number of different writing traps that can make your writing unwieldy and difficult to follow such as wordiness. Paraphrasing offers you many opportunities for this along with failing to actually repeat what the original author has said within your own words. This is why many writers will seek out paraphrase tools to help them to get their paraphrasing correct as well as saving time.

What Is Worldliness in Your Writing?

Wordiness or prolixity is using too many words within your sentences making them difficult to read and follow. This is especially easy to end up doing if you are trying to paraphrase what someone else has written. The ways to correct this problem are:

  • Fillers: these are words that can be removed from your writing without affecting its meaning in any way. You need to write concisely without fillers such as “The common belief is that..”, this could be rewritten without the “common” as it serves no purpose.
  • Redundancies: these are other unnecessary words that could be removed, they are often due to using several words that all mean the same in succession. Such as “He moved rapidly with great speed..”
  • Qualifiers: these are words such as “very”, “barely” or “hardly” that could be used before an adjective or adverb. Typically phrases such as “highly intelligent” could be replaced with a single word such as “genius.”
  • Logorrhea: this is the overuse of all of the above as well as unusual and lengthy words that few people will understand to create lengthy barely understandable sentences. Put down your thesaurus and use words that everyone will understand.

Our Paraphrase Tools Will Avoid Wordiness

We use some of the very best paraphrasing experts that you will come across online to provide you with well written error free rewriting. They will not only carefully and accurately paraphrase your writing they will also avoid any issues with your writing. So if you are looking for a paraphrase tool that is going to avoid wordiness and provide you with unique writing then choose our experts.

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We Guarantee Our Paraphrase Tools

Through our professional paraphrase tool you can be assured of the very best quality paraphrasing at a price that is not going to break the bank. We provide all of our clients with:

  • Plagiarism testing on all writing to confirm it is unique and free of copying
  • Proofreading of all writing from our paraphrase tool, best quality error free writing
  • Short lead times, rush orders and guaranteed on time delivery
  • Full money back guarantee

So if you are looking for help from professional paraphrase tools just contact us today for reliable and affordable paraphrasing services that you can trust. Save your time with a quality paraphrasing tool.