Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

best paraphrasing tool online

Can the Best Paraphrasing Tool Help You?

Paraphrasing is a technique that is used extensively within academic writing to share the ideas and words of other researchers and writers within your own work. While you could share their ideas with a direct quotation this is not always the best way forward within your own paper. Paraphrasing is repeating what the original author has said within your own unique words.

Paraphrasing is used to:

  • Establish your own credibility by showing that you fully understand what the original writer was saying
  • To simplify writing that may be overly complicated or even poorly written
  • To better target the writing for your specific audience
  • To maintain your own voice throughout your paper
  • To remove information that may be irrelevant to your needs

Direct quotations, however, should be used to:

  • To clearly show precisely what the original author had to say
  • To communicate an idea that was started in a unique or inspiring manner
  • To emphasize and support a claim made by the author
  • As a definition of a term or phrase coined by the original author
  • As a text for analysis
Direct quotations should in most cases be limited to a maximum of just three lines rather than filling your work with direct quotations.

Can Paraphrasing Tools Online Help You?

Many writers will seek out for paraphrasing tools online that they can find online for automatic paraphrasing. However, paraphrasing is about repeating the meaning of writing not about changing individual words in turn and a paraphrase tool online cannot correctly identify the context words are being used in and ends up changing them for incorrect words. There is no academic paraphrasing tool that is going to magically provide you with free and perfectly written text that you can use within your paper. If you need expert help then you will need to use not a paraphrase tool online free but a professional service such as ours.

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